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A place where Texans can reach higher.

Our partnerships with industry leaders have been a catalyst in growing a strong community that thrives in business with a determined workforce that delivers. We reach for the future, and our momentum has only just begun.

We work together, we can overcome anything, we can achieve anything, and most importantly, we always reach higher.

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Manufacturing jobs
in Lamar County

The location quotient for the manufacturing industry in Lamar County is 2.97. Put simply, that means we have a concentration of manufacturing jobs in Lamar County that is nearly three times the national average.

Paris, Texas, is home to major employers in the nation. From a nationwide food processor and producer like Campbell Soup to the lead producer of engineering of glass materials like Potters Industries, large employers call Lamar County their home and headquarters.

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Campbell's Soup
Paris Regional Health
Paris Printworks

Why Choose Paris

Reaching Higher Together

Since our beginning, Paris has been known for its drive and tenacity. In Paris, we reach higher. Our workforce is driven, our events are top-notch, and our community goes the distance for one another.
Paris has the space and vision to cultivate growth and momentum for you and your business.

Room for Growth

The PEDC owns 500+ acres throughout the City of Paris dedicated to growing and expanding primary employers. With two industrial parks, the Gene Stallings Business Park, and shovel-ready land near Cox Field Airport – there’s room to grow here. 

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Strong Workforce

Lamar County’s workforce encompasses up to a 60-mile radius. This radius includes a workforce of approximately 845,000 employees. Because of this robust workforce, production occupations constitute the second-largest part of the workforce in the region.

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Quality of Life

Paris, Texas has a unique and wonderful demographic, full of kind residents and a supportive business community that always shows up to help fellow businesses thrive and grow. 

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Location Advantages

A strong workforce, abundant water supply, affordable housing, available land and the resources you need to grow and expand.
We’ve positioned ourselves for growth and we offer aggressive incentives.

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residents have Paris as an economic hub

Positioned perfectly geographically. We’re close enough to the metroplex to have access to world-class museums, shopping, entertainment and sports, but we’re far enough from DFW to have a high quality of life and low cost of living.

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From an economic development perspective, for a community of this size to attract Fortune 500 companies like Campbells and Kimberly-Clark demonstrates we have a robust manufacturing base. 

― Maureen Hammond | Executive Director of the PEDC

Helping Texans Reach Higher.

Paris is the ideal place for those hoping to find an affordable community that is close to the metroplex, or who wish to find new employment in a rapidly growing city with a small-town atmosphere.

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