Delco Trailers Celebrates Grand Opening and Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

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Delco Trailers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality trailers, proudly announces the successful Grand Opening and Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held on May 5th, 2023. The event brought together prominent community figures, distinguished speakers, and esteemed guests from across the nation to commemorate this significant milestone for the company.

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their support and excitement for Delco Trailers’ new chapter. Among the notable speakers were Brandon Bell, Lamar County Judge; Paul Allen, Chamber of Commerce President; Mihir Pankaj, City Councilman; and, most notably, Maureen Hammond, Executive Director of the Paris Economic Development Corporation (PEDC). Their words of encouragement and admiration for Delco Trailers’ commitment to economic growth and development resonated throughout the ceremony.

In a remarkable gesture of recognition, Delco Trailers received a special message from United States Representative Pat Fallon. Erik Simien, Fallon’s constituent outreach director, presented a speech on behalf of Rep. Fallon, expressing his appreciation for the company’s historic investment in District 4. Rep. Fallon’s message included the announcement that he has requested the United States flag to be flown over our nation’s capitol in honor of this momentous occasion, emphasizing the significance of Delco Trailers’ contribution to the local community and the nation.

Furthermore, the event was graced by Janie Havel, Community Relations Specialist for the office of Governor Abbot, who presented Delco Trailers with a plaque from Governor Abbot. This gesture further solidified the company’s reputation as a valued and respected member of the business community, recognized for its unwavering dedication and positive impact on the region.

Delco Trailers proudly welcomed dealers from across the United States who had traveled to attend the Grand Opening and Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Their presence reinforced the national scope and influence of Delco Trailers, further cementing its position as a leader in the trailer manufacturing industry. The event was meticulously captured by Deadcat Media, ensuring that the special moments and memories from the ceremony will be cherished and shared for years to come. Their professional team of photographers and videographers expertly documented the occasion, preserving the highlights and essence of the Grand Opening.

Delco Trailers was delighted to provide guests with a delightful culinary experience, courtesy of Paris Coffee and Taste Catering. Attendees were treated to an array of delectable dishes and refreshing beverages, adding to the overall enjoyment and festive atmosphere of the event.

With the successful completion of the Grand Opening and Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Delco Trailers embarks on a new chapter of growth and innovation. The company extends its sincere gratitude to all the speakers, special guests, dealers, media partners, and catering services who contributed to the success of this momentous occasion.