Relocating to Paris

Reach higher in a community that goes further.

Affordable Housing

Lamar County is #6

in the state for Home Buyer Affordable Housing

Selecting a location with available and affordable housing has never been easier. Lamar County has the space you need with the affordability that you deserve.

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Cost of living

Below National Average

The cost of living in Paris, Texas, stands below the national average in several categories, including housing, groceries, and transportation. The national average and the total cost of living averages at 13.6% below the national average. Our housing cost is 39.5% lower than the national average.

In Paris, your dollar goes further in a community that reaches higher.

Paris Texas Eiffel Tower

We incentivize

and encourage new infill development

The 5 in 5 infill development program is an initiative of the City of Paris to incentivize and encourage new infill development. The program focuses on areas of the city that hold great potential for improving the surrounding neighborhood.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony