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Business View Magazine interviews representatives of Paris, Texas for our focus on Economic Development & Growth in U.S. Cities

Paris, Texas has a unique and wonderful demographic, full of kind residents and a supportive business community that always shows up to help fellow businesses thrive and grow. With a historic downtown district that is constantly improving, and city services that evolve and pivot with the needs of the community, Paris is the ideal place for those hoping to find an affordable community that is close enough to the metroplex to commute to work, or who wish to find new employment in a rapidly growing city with a small-town atmosphere.

Paris has a uniquely large municipal water supply of 22 million gallons per day and a lake for swimming, boating, fishing, and more. Mayor of Paris, Paula Portugal, shares, “The city offers something for everyone, from families to entrepreneurs and history buffs. We have lots of trees in northeast Texas and that is a beautiful asset, especially with our Texas heat, and we have a large collection of buildings that were all built in 1917 because we had devastating fire in 1916. That makes our downtown square very distinctive. We have lots of rehabilitation going on in those old buildings right now and new business coming.”

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