The state of Texas does not levy a corporate or personal income tax.

Business Franchise Tax: Texas has a Business Franchise Tax of approx. 1%; More info: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

State Income Tax: Texas does not levy a personal or corporate income tax

Property Tax:

City of Paris – 0.47782
Lamar County – 0.3045
Chisum ISD – 1.1580
North Lamar ISD – 0.9566
Paris ISD – 0.9637
Prairiland ISD – 0.9096
Paris Junior College – 0.071488

Sales and Use Tax Rate

State: 6.25%
City: 1.5%
County: 0.5%
Total: 8.25%

Inventory Tax Rates

Client will be eligible for a 100% exemption from Ad Valorem taxes (City, County, and School) on inventory that leaves the State of Texas within 175 days of arrival.  This incentive requires no prior approval for the Paris location and is in effect as long as the Client has qualifying inventory.

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